Par Derriere was established in 2009 for wine lovers.

Since then we sold more than 100,000 bottles of wines…

With time we learned and matured. One of our partners, Itay Shalom, is a graduated sommelier, who brings all his knowledge and talent to build a ‘sur mesure’ wine menu. We can proudly say that we have a menu of more than a hundred wine.

Wine sellers with temperature and humidity control of 2,000 bottles permanently in stock.

About half of our wines are from Israel’s’ boutique wineries, the other half from all over the world.

Our menu is balanced between reds, whites and roses and different grapes (Grenage, Syrah, …)

We organize wine tastings and all our wines are for sell in our wine shop.

In addition to our wine offer, we keep a high standard and boutique alcohols, cocktails, beer and cigars.

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